About The Founder


Let Me Introduce Myself

Hi, I am Katherine, the founder of Elixier Gold Beauty, a brand which  was born out of my desire to make every woman look and feel wonderful  in her own skin.    

I was born in 1977, from Spanish parentage and adopted to the North East of England and became the daughter of a chartered accountant father  and music teacher mother. 

Throughout my life, I have been passionate about dancing  and from the age of 14, trained to become a professional dancer. When  performing, you are expected to wear a lot of heavy makeup to cope under  the harsh spotlights and from a young age, I was putting my skin  through a lot of turmoil.  

My career as a dancer took me  to Southeast Asia where I fell in love with the region’s culture. On my  rare days off, I would wonder the streets and take note of all of the  naturally beautiful women. I became fascinated with their skincare  regimes and what they were putting on their faces. They seemed so much  more advanced, forward-thinking and experimental in terms of the  ingredients they were using and I found myself becoming truly inspired. 

I  began to see the damaging effects my lifestyle was having on my  complexion and on returning to London, I started to research different  products in an attempt to educate myself in the world of skincare.  

A  few years later, I returned to Bangkok and spent my time speaking to  experts and pharmacists, and thinking about all of the things that  inspired me. The people, the beauty, the vibrancy and energy of the city  all with this underlying calmness and sense of history was what drew me  back here time and time again.

My daughter was born in Bangkok so I  have only wonderful memories.  

I knew I somehow wanted to  give back to this incredible culture and the answer came to me in the  form of gold. Back in the UK, I set to work testing hundreds of products  and manufacturers and after months of experimenting, I decided to  launch Elixier London.  

I was using my serum every day  and began to see the wondrous effects it was having on my skin.  It was  like a miracle potion and I wanted all women to experience the amazing results for themselves. Apply morning and evening as part of your  skincare regime or Elixier's 24K Gold Serum even makes for a wonderful  primer. 


Thank you for getting to know me and the story  behind the making of this pot of magic gold. Now I have my own beauty  secret weapon and hope you love it as much as I do.  

'Glow & Go', 

Katherine x