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Elixier London's CEO For The House Of Coco Interview


                             Discovering The Golden Rule of Beauty with Katherine Quist CEO of Elixier London Beauty

From mineral-infused skincare to precious metal eyeshadows, natural  elements are becoming increasingly popular in the UK beauty world, but  other countries have been harnessing their power for centuries. One  woman who is bringing south-east-Asian inspired skincare to the UK  is Katherine Quist – CEO of Elixier London Beauty. Our writer Jenna  caught up with Katherine to find out more about her transition from  choreographer to skincare entrepreneur and the real benefits of  gold-infused beauty…

JC: After reading more about your brand, it was awesome to  see you took inspiration from South East Asian beauty culture. What is  it about their beauty culture that inspired you?

KQ: My previous career as a dancer and choreographer took me to  Southeast Asia from the age of 19 where I fell in love with the region’s  culture and history. On my rare days off, I would wander the streets  and take note of all of the naturally beautiful women. I became  fascinated with their skincare regimes and what they were putting on  their faces. They seemed so much more advanced, forward-thinking and  experimental in terms of the ingredients they were using and I found  myself becoming truly inspired. Asian women are meticulous about their  skin and the more I started learning about their way of life and  balance, I knew they were doing something different to the West and also  their ethos, diet and attitude of life show in their face and I wanted  to eliminate that for myself. I began experimenting with Asian skincare  product and given the nature of my work at the tie with all the heavy  stage makeup and lighting I was delighted I could make my skin feel  cleaner, more healthy and glowing, even after a long day of rehearsals,  sweating and pore-clogging stage makeup. Basically, I was hooked!

JC: I definitely share your love of discovering new beauty  products! Can you tell us more about your background before founding  Elixier?

KQ: I trained at The Legat School of Ballet then went on to  become a professional dancer and choreographer and then later dance  teacher touring all over the world. I returned to the UK 18 months after  my daughter who was born in Bangkok. I worked as a professional trainer  for vocational dance and musical theatre students in London’s leading  vocational schools and the West End but felt it was time for a change. I  then decided to study Interior Design once my daughter was 16 years old  and qualified as a professional interior designer training at The  National Design Academy. I am passionate about design and aesthetics.

JC: We’ve seen and heard about the benefits of Gold in beauty serums – what is it about this luxury product that benefits skin?

KQ: Since gold doesn’t corrode when exposed to the elements or submerged in water it is a well-known antioxidant.Other antioxidants that your body needs are vitamin A and vitamin C.

Whenever the oxidation process damages your healthy skin cells,  the collagen breaks down and looses elastin. This is the major cause of  wrinkles, fine lines and other signs of ageing. It is  antioxidants that slow this process down and stop this damage from  happening. This is what makes Gold the best antioxidant out there. When  you combine gold with other antioxidants it makes them more effective at  a molecular level. That is why our serum is packed with vitamins,  nutrition your skin loves. Simply put, this beauty serum is able to  penetrate at the skin’s lower dermis levels, thus protecting new cells  and encouraging collagen growth.

JC: Elixier’s 24 karat gold beauty serum really is a gorgeous  product, can you see yourself branching out into other skin care  products in the future?

KQ: Yes, I am now in the early stages of working with my  laboratory to develop a cleanser, toner and night cream. All enriched  with 24K Gold as well as many other incredible ingredients and I am  moving back out to Asia this summer to be closer to research facilities  and the development process. I have some prototypes now but it’s a  matter of cost and building the business steadily as I am funding this  project entirely alone and want to walk before I can run or end up in  debt.

JC: We see that you sell your serum exclusively via your  website – if you were to begin selling in stores, do you have a dream  stockist in mind?

KQ: I think this product is ideal for a middle eastern clientele  as well as women worldwide who appreciate something new so the obvious  choice would be Harrods, Harvey Nichols as well as other incredible  luxury department stores but with Brexit and Elixier London Beauty being  a new brand they would be talking on an unknown at a time of economic  uncertainty and from what I gather they like a full range or a good  history of sales. I think their customers would love this product but  getting buyers from these places to even reply to you is not easy.

JC: Who would be your dream influencer/celebrity to work with?

KQ: Karen Bradey as she’s an amazing businesswoman, as for  influencers? I am still on the lookout. The Kardashian’s would love this  product and I think also the Pixiwoo sisters would but again, when you  are new it’s a case of knocking and knocking on doors. Also many have  their own brands now so it’s tough.

JC: Can you tell us about a recent ‘Girl Boss’ moment?

KQ: I have been featured in Vogue UK in both March and April’s  editions which was pretty amazing as they contacted me. I have also been  featured in The Natural Beauty Magazine twice due to the natural and  ethical creation of my product. Finally…I am waiting to hear if I have  been shortlisted for The Natural International Beauty Awards which take  place in July. Elixier London’s 24K Gold Beaty Serum has been entered  into two categories

1) Best New Beauty Product of The Year

2) Best Beauty Serum

Watch this space!

JC: What has been the hardest part of running your own cosmetics business?

KQ: When you create a product from scratch it takes over every  aspect of your life and you live, sleep and breath it. I am a one man  band so it’s tough as getting the break into the market is challenging  but even if I go through a phase of feeling “Is this worth it?” I give  myself a good talking to and get on with it. It can be a lonely journey  as every decision big and small is on your shoulders so you never sleep  soundly! I believe in my product and am living proof at 41 years old  that this serum can completely change your skin. My customers love it  and it works, the hard part is telling the world!

JC: What’s in the pipeline for 2019?

KQ: As I mentioned earlier, the development of other products to  the range and making Elixier London Beauty a trusted and respected brand  which is proud of its humble beginnings! To work in the beauty industry  you have to have balls of steel but in my case “balls of gold!”